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Today is a day of prayer and I ask that you all join in to remember those that are lost from this horrible act of several cowardly people. On Monday September 11 of 2001 our country was violated, terrorist had attemted an Attack On Our Freedom. These people had in my view are jelous of our Nation and Freedom's. This is an even that your childeren will be studying in schools, something that will change this Nation to a point. Our Nation is a free United States and we want it to stay that way. Our freedoms have just been violated and tested, and if this is a test I believe we have past, there are planes in the air. We will remain a free Nation, our choices belonging to us and not our leader. If you could take time to let someone know that you care and this does effect you as well as everyone else, this event is an event of a lifetime and we wont let it spoil our lives or freedom's.

Curently Godsmack is on tour w/Deftones and Puddle of Mudd. Puddle of Mudd is the new talk on TRL but Godsmack fans shouldn't be scared to listen to them, they won't take godsmack's fame away from the stage. While Puddle of Mudd puts a good show on The fans are coming to see Godsmack on stage.

Godsmack has been climing the charts now with there new single Greed and we want you to help it reach the top, every chance you get call up your local radio station and request Greed. This is something that I want to happen across the country to hear Godsmack as # one on every rock radio station. Of corse no one can forget Awake the Debut single from the new CD Awake, so not only shoule you request Greed, but Awake and lets get them side by side on radio stations From Cali to NY.